About Us

Who we are

We are a technological innovation company


Internet of Things

For highly customized IoT solutions that will help your house become smarter, increase your company efficiency, enrich your products or even make your body healthier by easily connecting all of them to the rest of the world.

Machine Intelligence

We use machine learning algorithms combined with knowledge representation and reasoning techniques, to represent valuable information about your business in a form that a computer system can utilize it to solve complex tasks.

Big Data Analytics

We reduce uncertainty, providing useful insights in real-time about your business.

Developed by engineers, our big data analytics framework, delivers fast and accurate content processing!

Web and Mobile Solutions

To design and develop state-of-the-art solutions empowered by the latest technological trends, making them accessible from any type of device, keeping always the focus on maximizing the user experience.

Business Interoperability

To design interoperable business solutions that help your company increase operational productivity by providing access to cross-sectional data for different platforms and applications, both intra or inter-businesses.

What we do

We commercialize products and services originated from technologies resulting from our research and development and that of our partners.

We aim to transfer the most advanced technologies to the markets where we operate and achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

With our products, we seek to bring the best of technological innovation to the lives of our customers. We are seriously committed to contributing to their well-being. We do everything so that innovation sustainably improves the lives of people, organizations and the environment.

This aim is pursued with the energetic dedication of a talented and entrepreneurial drive team, consisting of managers, engineers and computer scientists with solid academic background, research skills and experience in developing innovative technologies and products.

Our Partners

We can also count with different national and international partners in the areas of science, research and development, higher education, industry and services.

These partnerships are, at all levels, strategic for the realization of our purpose.